Busy as our shnatties are, living the Netzer dream in Israel, they find the time to write to us on a regular basis. Watch this space for regular updates from our shnatties in Israel!

Weekly report by Benji S. (Lotanick)

This past week was filled with an ample amount of excitement.  It all began Thursday night 1/19/12 during our pot luck dinner.  Two of the three rooms we inhabit were filled with gases of the food we were trying to cook.  In one of the girl’s room an apple crisp was burnt to the crisp and sadly all the lotion on the toaster was burnt and melted as well.  In the boy’s room, a plastic electronic tea kettle was melted, probably filling the air with many harmful carcinogens. There were no injuries, but we will always remember the day of smoke.  The “dooms – day” luckily did not affect our weekend as we welcomed friends from a neighboring kibbutz to Friday Pub Night and then relaxed through a beautiful Saturday afternoon.   Also adding to the fine weekend, Jess, Tara, and Naomi left Saturday for a relaxing night in an “Atlantis” like Hilton in Eilat.  Sadly, Naomi was sick and could not experience the full relaxation of a gorgeous hotel, but from what I heard the nice sleep in helped a great deal to her recovery.  From Saturday to Sunday we slept into the new week waiting for our friends and fellow shnatties Ben and Jemma to get back from Netzer Veida.  With them came Sam and Ria, Ljy and Rsy movement workers, who came to see how their movements’ members were liking shnat.  On their last night we ordered Pizza from Eilat, a quite expensive delivery but definitely worth it.  Also with the new week came more work and in the Refet’s case more blood – Calf decapitations to a Uterus on the ground, there probably won’t be another week like it while we are here.  Adding to all excitement, the shin shinim have started a war with us.  There first two attacks included putting green ink in the boys shower and a goat in one of the girls room.  We have yet to take the offensive, but are plans are becoming more diabolical by the second!  Hopefully the excitement continues as the day we leave Lotan slowly approaches.

Watch this space for more weekly updates from the Holy Land!