On the 29th of November, LJY-Netzer hosted a fundraising lunch in aid of our charity of the year, the ARDC. Throughout the last two years, LJY-Netzer has been supporting the ARDC, the centre in Tel Aviv that helps and supports African Refugees and Illegal Immigrants – mainly from Sudan and Eritrea – who struggle to live within Israeli society. At present there are an estimated 27,000 refugees and asylum seekers in Israel who have fled armed conflict, civil war and fear of persecution. Their situation within Israel is contentious as they aren’t deported but not given work permits or help in learning Hebrew and finding a place to live. Many have suffered ordeals which we, in the comfortable West, could not even begin to relate to and yet are often victims of racism and prejudice from within Israeli society. The ARDC both acts as a practical help on the ground and as a lobbying body politically. It helps provide shelter and clothing at a base level but also does extensive work in finding sources of income to facilitate integration and promote self-sufficiency. Their commitment and perseverance to the vision of Israel as a safe haven for all peoples fleeing persecution is truly inspirational and very much in line with our Reform Zionist ideology. We will continue to support the noble work they do!

The event consisted of some lovely food, cooked by LJY-Netzer movement workers (and a lovely crumble from Head Baker Adva!) as well as education regarding the plight of those that the ARDC try to help. It was attended by representives from various other youth movements along with employees of Liberal Judaism. In total, the lunch has raised £130 that will be added to the amount that LJY-Netzer has raised for the ARDC over the last two years.

For more information about the great work the ARDC do, including testimonials, ways of helping and contact details, please click on the logo below:




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