Veidah Veidah Veidah (VVV), by Adam Francies

As we begin 2012, it gives us a great chance to look back over 2011. 2011. A year. Only a year. But what a year! 2011 was the year that LJY-Netzer took off. New website, renewed facebook and twitter presence, more events run and more hadracha opportunities (both learning and doing) than ever before. And how do you end a year like 2011? What is a fitting way to finish it? Well how about with the biggest LJY-Netzer Veidah EVER!

From December 19th to 22nd, fifty-nine (yep, that’s night fifty-nine! 59! 5. 9.) people engaged in LJY-Netzer Veidah; our annual decision-making body. Veidah is an event for members in school year 11 and above, and it was great to see so many from school years 11 and 12 present. The event was held at The LJS, which is celebrating its centenary year, and we siezed the oppertunity to get more involved with one of our larger communities. Participants came from all over the UK, from all across London; and as far as Edinburgh! 

This year, Hanukah coincided with Veidah. The first night was spent with the congregation, and we were fortunate enough to welcome both the Israeli Ambassador and the American Ambassador to help light the first candle.

On the second night the LJY-Netzer band (consisting of everyone present on Veidah at the time) played to an ‘elderly persons group.’ The set contained a mix of our most famous hits such as ‘od yavo’ and ‘yad b’yad.’ Pure rock ‘n’ roll!

Veidah was a fantastic success. Issues that were discussed ranged from the use of Hebrew within the movement, to giving younger participants more responsibility on events. From creating a ‘Kadimah Book’ to introducing a Social Action Project. On top of this, Veidah is the time that the charity of the year is chosen, as well as the LJY-Netzer Supported Charity of the Year. This year’s Educational Theme will be ‘God and Spirituality’, and our charity will be Parents Circle Family Forum. See below for a list of all the motions passed and the minutes from the asaphot (discussions)! 

For me – this year being my last with LJY-Netzer – it would great to see such a thriving event. Veidah is the linchpin of what makes LJY-Netzer a youth movement; empowering our members to take hold of their movement. The quality of discussions and the quantity of participants really show the strength of LJY-Netzer and our passionate, ideological, empowered members.

The below links are the motions and the minutes

 2011 Motions       Veidah Minutes 2011

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