Plagim October Weekend this year was three days of classic LJY-Netzer fun and games. This years tsevet worked their creative juices writing fun and fantastic peulot from a Lord of the Rings wide game to a recycling art and crafts version of Dragons Den. Chanachim Ruach levels reached record highs with the loudest Birkat Hamazon of all time while encores of ‘the circle game’ tested Kezia Pughs guitar skills to the max! Friendship bracelets were made, Havdallah sung and plenty of food eaten. After three days and two nights of wide games, creative ma’madot and peulot galore, all of us from the Madrachim to the chanichim returned safe, sound and a little bit sleepy to our respective homes feeling fully topped up in LJY-Netzerish fun! See everyone on Machaneh Aviv!!!!!!!

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