Last month Nechalim hit Elstree Liberal Synagogue for two days of classic LJY-Netzer fun. There were great sessions on Jewish super heroes and Netzer ideology. There was even a cheeky little outing to Aldenham Country Park where we had to doge very friendly ponies to find a spot where the group played team bonding games and really got to know each other properly. Word on the street is that that night’s Saturday dinner was the most banterous meal every to be on LJY-Netzer. The weekend finished in style with a ruach filled song session. We sang old time classics and even had an incredible performance from Lydia Boffey singing a song she had written herself. Watch this space we will soon have our own LJY-Netzer superstar. There was a great atmosphere for the whole weekend and even though the group was small their ruach and enthusiasm filled the whole shul. Can’t wait to see everyone again on Kinus.

Lydia Boffey (a participant and meber of LJY-Netzer) has this to say:

LJY is an essential part of my life, and that’s all because of the different parts of it. Welcoming people, unique activities, and about a million different chants! I always look forward to coming to all the camps, and one of my favorite ones so far has got to be the most recent Nechalim weekend. I loved coming back to  Elstree synagogue, because it was the venue for my first ever LJY event. All the leaders were cheerful and full of good ideas for all the activities; there was art sessions, music sessions and an outing to the local park too. And I have to say, the girls dormitory was definitely better than the boys! It had cool lights that changed colour! But that’s not really the point of what I’m trying to say. No, what I am trying to say, is that any LJY event will help you to learn more about our religion, but at the same time have the most fun, with amazing people! I recommend going on an LJY event with all the certainty in the world!!!!