LJY-Netzer is proud to welcome Adva, our new shlicha, who will be helping run the Israel education on events as well as visiting the various Liberal Judaism communities around the country.

Hello LJY-Netzer. My name’s Adva and I grew up in Nazareth Illit, a beautiful town in the Gallil. All my school life I took part in student’s council activities as I believe that the more responsibility young people are given, the more responsible they will act. I served at the Israeli Air force from the age of 18 and then studied International relations at the Hebrew university. I found the Shlichot as a great opportunity to strengthen the contact between Israel and the Diaspora as I feel that only through dialogue and genuine face to face relationships can a truly strong bond exist. I believe that LJY- Nezter is a great movement with amazing ideals and values which fit in with my vision of Israeli-Diaspora relations. I love cooking, baking and reading and my favourite film is Grease!

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