For the first time in LJY-Netzer history, P.O.W. (Plagim October Weekend) and N.O.W. (Nechalim October Weekend), were held jointly at the same site! Whilst for some of the activities chanachim split off into their shickvot, much of the event was done jointly creating twice the ruach, twice the noise and twice the fun!

Participants from around the country (plus one who came all the way from Ireland especially!) took part in arts and crafts sessions, musical services, team bonding games and general ideological banter. Anna Posner had the following to say: “P-NOW was the best event I have been on so far this year. A massive thank you to the incredible team of dedicated madrachim who volunteered hours of their time to make this weekend happen. The levels of creativity were phenomenal and it couldn’t have happened without you. I’d also like to thank Sam Cohen, my co-worker who is amazing and a genius (this may or may not have been said). Lastly thank you to everyone who attended, participated and contributed. Without you guys it would just be a group of madrachim sitting in a room in silence.” Wise words from Anna Posner.

P-NOW is the first in a series of events coming up this year. For future dates of LJY-Netzer events please click the ‘coming up‘ section above. Aviv applications will be open soon!

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