Ollie Whiteside tells all about his top 50 reasons why YOU should go on Shnat 5779!

  1. Kef

  2. Live communally

  3. Learn about ecology

  4. Build a mud dome

  5.  Eat fresh dates

  6. Make the desert bloom

  7. Travel the country

  8. Stay with a host family

  9. Learn Hebrew

  10. See a mulitcultural Israel

  11. Eat Falafel

  12. Befriend the locals

  13. Visit ancient sites

  14. Learn Arabic

  15. Be a shnattie, not a shnottie

  16. Meet leaders from other movements and countries

  17. Show them that Netzer is the best

  18. Learn what hagshamah is

  19. Become a dugma ishite

  20. Become a proffesional napper

  21. Go to Netzer Veidah

  22. Develop your leadership skills

  23. Drink Kosher wine everyday

  24. Make real change through social action

  25. Get a new (sh)piercing

  26. Grow out your hair

  27. Ride on a segway

  28. Experience Tel Aviv night life

  29. Learn new songs

  30. Write new songs

  31. Learn how to build a real bonfire

  32. Poo in the wilderness

  33. Live in a flat with 16 other people

  34. Get great merch

  35. Swap merch with other movements

  36. Meet inspirational people working to change Israel from the inside

  37. Walk in a sandstorm

  38. Go to an Israeli Festival (Zorba obviously)

  39. Eat real shashuka

  40. Climb to the top of masada

  41. Climb to the top of a lot of hills

  42. Buy some Bluntstones

  43. Grapple with the conflict

  44. Haggle in the Shuk

  45. Get a whole new wardrobe

  46. Learn the value of living in an intentional community

  47. Become a political protestor

  48. Swim in the dead sea

  49. Buy a Shofar

  50. Live out your ideology.