Yom ha’atzmaut (Israel’s Independence day) is a very special and happy day, although we cannot celebrate this day without mentioning Yom Hazikaron, the memorial day for the fallen soldiers. Every year these two days are one after the other, so then when we celebrate the existence of the Jewish State we shall remember always the ones who sacrificed their life for our country.

Yom Ha’atzmaut is my favorite day in the year!
In my moshav we have a big celebration that starts with a show which everybody is participating in. Children from the age of 4 up - to our parents. We love dancing and performing! In the show there is a special dance of all of the madrichim in my youth movement Bnei Hamoshvim  it is something we are planning for a long time, and it is our highlight of the year.   
After the show there is a fair with games and bouncy castles for the youngers and a party all night for the adults. Dancing all night with your friends and family is amazing!
This is the first year that I am away during  Yom Haatzmaut. It is hard for me not to be in the celebrations however it’s warming to see how much Israel is important for the Jews all around the world.
I would like to wish Israel happy 69 birthday! 

By Hila Levisohn
Categories: News