“Wow, that’s one great looking Axolotl!” exclaimed Sammy G this morning.

“I’ve seen better” claimed a disgruntled Adam F.

“Quite nice actually” squeaked Anna Posner. ” We should rename today ‘Axolotl Day’ in memory of this glorious occasion!”

“Wait!!!!” Shouted Sam (Coco) running into the room. “Stop right there, I have some even better news!”

“What is it?” asked the other three in unison.

“Today our new Summer Options Scheme (SOS) has filled its last place. We now have 10 people going to Israel!”

A short burst of cheering followed those words.

“Can you put something on the website telling people more?” inquired Sammy G

“Sure” said Coco. “here you go…………

In a creative effort to find opportunities for all our members who apply to be involved with us in the summer we are creating a new leadership development program and putting all our efforts into making sure it is the best possible and a genuine alternative to leading on camp.

The program is based around real and intense internships designed to develop personal leadership skills, boost CVs and, most importantly, make a real and genuine impact on society.

S.O.S I (Summer Options Scheme in Israel)  is based in Israel with placements in Social Action charities within the Jewish world. The organizations that we will be working with focus on many different issues, such as human rights, world poverty and minority rights in Israel. It consists of three sections with a two day seminar at the beginning in Jerusalem, a three week internship with one of the organizations listed below and then a two day seminar at the end back in Jerusalem. Flights, food, accommodation and travel will all be provided and included within the program which will be limited to 10 places. A madrich from the UK will be present at all times to aid in the running of the seminars and to visit madrachim during their internships. Placement options are: ARDC (African Refugee Development Centre; Rabbis for Human Rights; IRAC (Israel Religous Action Centre); Karmiel; Ayalim.

“Sick!” said Anna. “Who are the 10 people?”

“Clair Rich and Lizzie Jones will be going to IRAC, Jon Pitt and Joe Cohen will be going to Rabbis for Human Rights, Joel Silver and Emma Marsh will be working at ARDC  Lee Steinberg and Joe Lassman will be going to the summer camp in Karmiel and Tash Gavin and Rachael Finn will be working at Ayalim!”

“Thats easy to remember” commented Adam.

“Wow,” screamed Adva as she walked into the room. “That’s one great looking Axolotl!”

 SOSY is being run with the help and support of the WZO (World Zionist Organization) 



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