1. Giving young people the opportunity to influence and change things will only leave you inspired and impressed by the intelligence and maturity of people when they are given responsibility. Youth empowerment is the ONLY way forward

2. Putting eight to fifteen years old together on a summer camp for two weeks can lead to some of the best moments of your life – and create enduring friendships

3. We should spend more time looking at our original Jewish texts and sources – Sometimes we focus too much on ‘Liberal’, and not enough on ‘Judaism’! Having the knowledge to make informed decisions is what being Liberal is all about

4. Roller skating is really fun

5. Debbie Freidman’s words, tunes and melodies will leave a lasting legacy in our youth movement and beyond. The impact that she has had on Progressive Judaism on a world scale can not be underestimated

6. Having a website is integral to any modern organisation – check ours out at www.ljy-netzer.org

7. Young people are capable of understanding nuances and shades of grey. Showing that the conflicts in Israel are not as simple as good versus bad is not something that should be shied away from when educating; in fact it is the best way to build a proper understand and positive relationship with Israel.

8. LJY-Netzer wants to get more young Liberal Jews involved with our activities on a more regular basis – that means more people on national events and more people involved in community youth activities – So, if you’re in school year three and upwards… GO GO GO!

9. Having Rabbi’s in The Montagu Centre (Liberal Judaism’s offices) is great. Learning on tap: who could ask for more!

10. LJY-Netzer is a unique and incredible youth movement – Liberal Judaism is lucky to have it.




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