I am writing this after submitting a plan for a University essay on the way that Germany remembers the holocaust.  I mention this because it serves as an indication of the way in which Kayitz has influenced me in my life. I am not suggesting that everyone who goes on Kayitz will become a history student, and study the topics which we discussed, or in any way that Kayitz is only for people who intend to this. Kayitz kindled in me a new engagement with my identity as a diasporic Jew.  It provides the essential partner to Tour, which investigates Jews in Israel, investigating Judaism in Europe.


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This all makes it sound very intellectual and with not very much kef. This is not true. There is so much kef. Kayitz was also a fantastic experience to spend time with and bond with my shikvah, play classic LJY games and pray. Our Kayitz, involved games of parliament, scavenger hunts round cities and following a monk. If you enjoyed tour than you shall enjoy Kayitz. I would view Kayitz as one of the best fortnights of my life. If you do not go on Kayitz than you are missing out.




Joshua Alston

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