Shalom chaverim,


Veidah 2014  voted in the motion:

‘LJY-Netzer will formally align itself with the feminist movment’


In order to be clear what was meant by this and how this affects our ideology,  a new paragraph has been written for the mission statement, as follows.


LJY-Netzer is a pro-feminist movement which supports the struggle for equal rights and opportunities for all sexes and genders. In our pursuit of liberation from prejudice and discrimination, we strive to recognise the experiences of all people and breakdown all forms of oppression. As a movement constantly striving for an inclusive environment, we believe feminism is fundamental to our ideology and it is our responsibility to avoid replicating the damaging and discriminatory norms of society by constantly empowering and educating our members.


Check out the mission statement in full here:


Many thanks to Sarah Walton, Flora Cantacuzino Levy and Daisy Bogod.

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