On saturday the 26th of October, 13 chanichim from Yamim descended on the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St Johns Wood for the Yamim Extra-Special Social Saturday. A brand new event in the LJY-Netzer calendar. A great day was had by all, including their super bogrim tzevet.

The day was started with some classic get to know you games, including Yes (wah), Yes (bang), and YEAAAA! (Ninjas). The group then joined in a service with the Ananim & Plagim October Weekend (APOW) and the Nechalim October Weekend (NOW), reuniting many cross shikvah (year group) friends from Machaneh Kadimamah this summer.

After a tasty lunch of chunky vegetable soup, the group had a session on our theme of the year, tzedek tzedek tir dof – justice, justice, you shall pursue it. Highlighting disabilities through different handicaps whilst practicing for bowling, they also learnt about how LJY-Netzer is taking part in both the living wage and legal aid campaigns, including writing some postcards to Nick Clegg in protest at the injustices that will be caused by the changes to the system.

Then came the main event, bowling! A quick tube ride to queensway and the group hit the lanes. There was some controversy when lane 1 started giving out strikes for free, and then there was some cheeky double ball bowling leading to some debatable scores, but with the ice cream stand doing great business and people also venturing onto the arcade games, a great time was had by all.

Travelling back to the LJS, the group found some ruach on the train home and thoroughly entertained their accompanying passengers with some very enthusiastic renditions of the LJY song, hashkiveinu, and many more.

Some tea and coffee and biscuits followed by a peer led havdallah rounded off a truly extra special yamim social saturday. Everyone left the day looking forward to their future events, including YAT! and Machaneh Aviv. We’ll see you there!YESSS

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