1st- 3rd of December

Years 7-10


Start: Friday 1st December, 6:30pm

If you are unable to make your own way there, we will be meeting at a central London station at 5pm to get the train. Please email us for more details.

Finish: Sunday 3rd December, 1:00pm

We will also be getting the train back to London arriving before 5pm. Please email for more details.

Cost: £155 (financial assistance available)

Location: adventure activity centre near Aylesbury

Kinus is our annual decision making event for young people in Nechalim and Yamim, school years 7-10!!

We're bringing the adventure to LJY-Netzer! Our action packed weekend will involve all the fun activities that are in the pictures below.

This includes high ropes, where you wear a harness and are in the air climbing from rope to rope and an adventure course which will be an exciting competition! There are scramble nets, a swing and many different obstacles inside it. We'll also be doing caving, testing the how brave we feel venturing down into some spectacular caves!

Your Madrichimot (leaders) will be there the entire time to support you. If you have been on LJY before you will get to see old friends OR make a whole bunch of new ones if this is your first time!

On top of all of this, we will be making change in YOUR Youth Movement! Kinus is our decision making event which means that you get to have your say about how LJY-Netzer works — and decide how we can make our movement even better and ever more fun. Click the link above to sign up now!


Hannah Gellman