green-line-mapKeep checking this page for links to new articles on the green line campaign.

The campaign is to encourage institutions and organisations to only use contemporary maps of Israel that have the correct green lines on them, outlining the defined borders between Israel & Palestine.

Please go to the campaign website here – and make sure  you go to the take action page and inform all the organisations your involved with to join the campaign, as well as reading up on the campaign.

Also, follow the twitter account @signgreenline and let all your followers know too!






Check out some of the articles our bogrim and midbarim have written here!

Liberal Judaism’s Statement

The Jewish Daily Forward – British Jews: Showing Green Line is not ‘Insane’ (Jordan Marsh & Jess Weiss)

The Jewish News: Green Line: Using maps without pre-’67 lines does not educate with integrity (Ben Leibowitz)

+972 Magazine – UK Jewish youth insist, ‘not’ marking Green Line is a political act (Em Hilton)




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