Shalom Chaverim!


Please find the passed motions document from Veidah 2014 below. We are sure many of you are aware of the fantastic new themes, schemes, changes and improvements that have been started as a result of your motions and discussions, and would urge you all to put your personal, shikvah and movement strength behind all of them.

Thank you to all those who came and ran Yom Kinus, Kinus and Veidah, who let their voices be heard and in doing so affirmed our brand new ideological pillar, Youth Empowerment.

If you have any ideas of how to implement anything, whether you proposed it or didn’t, the movement workers would love to hear from you.. even if you just want to write an article for the website (write articles for the website!)

Enjoy, and lets have a fantastic 2014!

Love from your Mo-Wos,

Tom, Bethany & Graham

Passed Motions 5774

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