Plaganim Sleepover

A sleepover for ages 8-11 combining all classic LJY kef and chinuch

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Israel Tour

Our amazing programme that gives year 11s the opportunity to explore Israel and further their Jewish Identity and connection to Israel

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A weekend combining adventure and democracy. Make changes to LJY that matter to you!

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Machaneh Shamayim

Our exciting week long Spring camp with kef, ideology and chuggim (projects) taking place in the easter holidays!
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Shnat Netzer

Our amazing 5 month gap year programme working, studying and living out our ideology in Israel, with optional add-ons.

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Hadracha (Leadership)

Participate on our week long training and graduate as a leader on LJY

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Bareket Onboard

Thinking about coming on LJY's Israel Tour next summer? Come and join us for a weekend of kef and new friends in a London synagogue

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Machaneh Kadimah

Our two week summer camp is the biggest event of our calendar, bringing together hundreds of Liberal Jews in one place!

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Kayitz Sepharad

A trip throughout Europe for year 12s to learn about Sephardi Jewish history and strengthen their connection to the Diaspora

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Our annual decision making event filled with asephot, kef and ideology!

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