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We are excited to have started the process of looking for the movement workers for next year (5780). This could be your chance to help the movement grow and develop over the coming year.  This email will help you to make an informed decision about whether applying for this role is right for you.


Below there is:

  • Information about the process of application
  • Information about the structure of the youth department
  • Views from former movement workers


If at the end of it, you would like to apply for a position in the youth department for 2018/19 or if you have any questions or queries, you need to email Becca Fetterman (, who will send you a job description, person specification and – perhaps most importantly – an application form. Applications are open now and close on Monday 14th January If you have any questions or want anymore information contact Becca via email or the phone! Call her during office hours on 020 7631 9831.


 £20,600 per annum (currently; Liberal Judaism reviews staff pay annually)

  • £1000 Relocation allowance to successful candidates whose family home is not commutable (outside M25)
  • 13 month contract: August 1st 2018 – August 31st 2019
  • 20 days annual leave
  • No paid overtime (but lots of unpaid!). BUT, there is Time Off In Lieu (TOIL – basically, if you work over a weekend, you get time back)
  • This year the Movement Worker working week has been Tuesday to Saturday - On Saturdays Movement Workers have been expected to make community visits if you are not on LJY-Netzer events.
  •   On-the-job training, professional development and transferable skills including:

∙         First aid training

∙         Budgeting skills

∙         Project management

∙         Informal education

∙         Computing skills

∙         ‘POD’, a UJIA-run CV building program culminating in a two week internship

∙         A professional mentor

∙         Flexibility over additional relevant training

  • The office closes early on Friday (for Shabbat) and the days before Chaggim, Chaggim do not count towards your annual leave.

Previous MoWos Testimonies

Sam Grant

Movement Work gave me an incredible amount of responsibility for my first full-time job. I learnt practical, transferable skills of project management, budgeting, marketing and so much more that have benefited me in my career. Yet, ultimately it was the opportunity to lead and be led by an incredible group of chaverim interesting in living out an authentic and powerful Judaism. 

Anna Posner

Being a movement worker gave me an amazing number of skills. I don't think there are many people that in their first job they are given so many responsibilities and different areas to learn and grow. Movement work taught me many skills in managing people, budget and different facets of a large(ish) organisation. It was amazing to be thrown in the deep end with welfare issues and being part of creating a space for anyone who wants to be part of an amazing community and getting to build all these skills whilst working in an incredibly positive and ideological environment.

Tom Francies

LJY-Netzer gave me so much in life, not only did it give me things like confidence, friends and knowledge but more than anything gave me a sense of Jewish and Zionist identity. One of my reasons of doing Movement Work was to give back to the movement, and I really hope I did but in reality while doing movement work, the movement just kept giving too. It made me a better public speaker, it gave me experience organising multiple overseas trips, I managed teams of 50 people, I was given so much more responsibility that anyone else my age that I knew, I learned how to manage a website, I got to work with some of my best friends and memories that will last a lifetime. On top of all that, it helped me realise what I wanted to do with my life, it gave my passion a direction and since then I feel like the decisions I make are more purposeful than aimless. I did movement work for 3 years, if I didn’t believe so much in Youth Empowerment and in the LJY-Netzerniks that were in the movement when I left I would love to do 3 more.

Get More Information And Apply Now!