Hi! I'm Hannah and I'm one of the LJY-Netzer Movement Workers for 5783/84. I am from North London and have been part Finchley Progressive Synagogue since I was 8 years old. I joined LJY-Netzer as a Nechalimnik on Kadimah in 2014 and never looked back. I loved every camp since, and found Israel Tour and Kayitz to be incredible, formative and inspiring experiences. I led Kayitz Sepharad this past summer, our first Kayitz since 2019 and in our new location, Spain. I am so excited for another year filled with LJY kef, ruach and chinuch! I am passionate about music, creativity, social justice and politics.

I'll be taking a lead on Kayitz, Kinus, Chinuch and LJY's celebration of Jewish Festivals among other things!



Heyo, I'm Joe, and I'm proudly brandishing my LJY Movement Worker lanyard for another year!
I grew up as a member of Birmingham Progressive Synagogue and am on my way to moving down to London soon. I jumped on board the Ljy-Netzer train on Israel tour in 2015 and have been a bit obsessed ever since. I went on Kayitz, Shnat Netzer, and have led and coordinated plenty of seminars and camps!
I can't wait to get stuck into events again and work with the next generation of LJY-niks.
I'm passionate about refugee rights, engineering and climbing.

This year I’m chiefly responsible for Nechyam (school years 7-10), Shnat Netzer, Regional Kehilot and Kadimah so please feel free to direct any questions around those to me!


Hey! I’m Sophie and I’m the new MOWO joining the team for 5782/5783. I joined LJY-Netzer back in 2009 and have been LJY till I die ever since. Camp is my home away from home, I’ve had too much FOMO to ever miss a year. I’m looking forward to supporting and bringing the best out of our fabulous bogrimot and utilising our pool of skills and talents. I can’t wait to start running events and creating spaces as magical as I’ve been able to experience. My passions include art, slow fashion, cooking and community projects.

I will be taking the lead on Kayitz, Bog Tour, Kadimah, and Kinus