Hi! I'm Hannah and I'm one of the new LJY-Netzer Movement Workers for 5783/84. I am from North London and have been part Finchley Progressive Synagogue since I was 8 years old. I joined LJY-Netzer as a Nechalimnik on Kadimah in 2014 and never looked back. I loved every camp since, and found Israel Tour and Kayitz to be incredible, formative and inspiring experiences. I led Kayitz Sepharad this past summer, our first Kayitz since 2019 and in our new location, Andalucia, Spain. I am so excited for another year filled with LJY kef, ruach and chinuch! I am passionate about music, creativity and social justice.

I'll be taking a lead on Kayitz, Kinus, Chinuch, Bog Tour and LJY's celebration of Jewish Festivals among other things!



Heya, I’m Mia B, and I’m one of the Movement Workers for LJY this year! I grew up at Ealing Liberal Synagogue, and went on my first LJY event aged 10. I haven't missed an LJY summer since, going on every Kadimah for the past 13 years! I went on Kayitz, Shnat Netzer, and led Israel Tour last summer.

I’m so excited for the coming year of LJY, and all of the ideology, spirituality, ruach, giggles, and youth empowerment that awaits. I’m super passionate about nature, judaism and reading.

This year I’m chiefly responsible for Hadracha, Veidah, KadimahShnat NetzerRegional Kehilot and Social Action so please feel free to direct any questions surrounding these to me!  


Hey! I’m Mia and I’m the new MOWO joining the team for 5783/5784. I am from Bristol and am a member of the The Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation. I joined LJY-Netzer after going to a sleepover at my Synagouge when I was 10. Ever since then I’ve been hooked, going on every Kadimah and summer tour possible. I even spent my gap year on Shnat Netzer.

I can’t wait to dedicate this whole year to making sure LJY flourishes in its wonderfully weird and whacky way. 

My responsibilities include: Community outreach, Israel tour, Shamayim and Social media