29th July -

6th August 2024


Kayitz is an incredible 9-day tour of Andalusia, Spain for anyone in Year 11 and 12. Starting in Granada, the group travels to Cordoba and ends the trip in Seville, learning about amazing Sephardic Jewish history, enjoying enormous amounts of Kef, and of course, time by the pool!
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What is Kayitz?



Kayitz Sepharad begins in Granada, a city which housed the most flourishing Jewish community of the 10th century. 

The symbol of the Pomegranate fruit is present throughout the city, a reminder of its Jewish influences, alongside the many other cultures that once flourished there.

The group will visit the Alhambra Palace, peruse around a fantastic science museum, eat Tapas, and begin to delve into Spain's magical Jewish past.



Our next stop is Cordoba, where Kayitz will continue our educational journey with a healthy dose of relaxation by the pool.

The group will visit the Jewish Quarter and old Synagogue, following the legacy of great thinkers from centuries past, including Moorish intellectuals and Maimonades. We will embark on a tour of the beautiful Mezquita de Cordoba which, as a cathedral-built-on-a-mosque-on-a-chapel that showcases the intersection of intricate Islamic and Spanish Catholic architectural styles.


The last stop on Kayitz Sefarad is Seville, where the group will visit the beautiful gardens and lthe Jewish quarter.  Alongside a day spent in the seaside city of Cádiz, there will time for a trip to the fantastic Isla Mágica, a theme park in Seville, where Kayitz can splash to their hearts content and ride thrilling coasters!!

All the while we will draw upon Jewish historical links and reflect upon the journey we have taken, spending time together as a community and experiencing our LJY and Jewish identity in new ways.

“I loved seeing all of the beautiful Spanish cities and immersing myself in the culture. To be able to be educated about Sefardic history and understand how important it is for Jewish history as a whole. It really opened my eyes to the untold experiences and has made me curious to learn more. Also the people I was with really made the trip what it was. Everyone was so engaged and made it a space where we could all learn from each other which is something invaluable. I have so enjoyed just being within an LJY environment and learning more about what it stands for and Kayitz has enabled me to embrace all of it.”

                                                                                                         - Participant, 2023

Price: £1,960 - financial assistance is available

This covers all expenses, including flights, programming, accommodation, food and more!

Deposit: £500 (Please note your place will not be confirmed until this is paid)

Deposits are due within two weeks of booking and are non-refundable.

Final payment deadline: 28th April 2024

Deadline to sign up: 4th March - we are expecting lots of interest so sign up as soon as possible

LJ and LJY Priority 

From the launch date (25/01/2024) there will be a two week priority period for LJ and LJY members.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation after April 28th - 50% refund
Cancellation after May 28th - 20% refund
Cancellation after June 28th - No refund

Information Evening: 7-8pm, 31st January

Join us via Zoom for some more information on our Kayitz Sefarad program.

Pre-Kayitz Pizza Evening

Join the rest of your group to get to know each other, have a catch up and get a taste of what Kayitz is all about!

Pre-Kayitz Pizza Evening

Date: July, tbc


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