High Holy Day Activities 5781

This year we are running High Holy Day activities for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Whilst we cannot all attend synagogues or do our usual activities during this strange time, we will at least be able to come together as LJY-Netzer and celebrate as a community online!

As with Machane B'Bayit, we will be running these activities over Zoom. If you would like to sign up to join in the festivities for FREE, please sign up here. We will also be sending out the zoom link to all those who participated in Machane B'bayit too.
Erev Rosh Hashanah, 18 September, 17:30
Join us in welcoming the new year with an extra special kids service featuring some of our wonderful madrichimot!!! (All ages under 18 welcomed)
Rosh Hashanah, 19 September, 11:30
Bring along any art supplies you have for a creative take on celebrating the New Year as Liberal Jews!! (All ages under 18 welcomed).
Shofar So Good! How's your New Year Going? 20 September, 15:00-16:00
Hosted by South Bucks community, during this hour of activities you will learn how to sound the shofar or sound like a Shofar! (All families and children welcomed).
Yom Kippur, 28 September, 16:30
Together we'll reflect upon the last year, thinking about all that we've achieved and all we hope to achieve from a fresh perspective. (School year 7 and upwards)

Please ensure that your child follows the following rules whilst on our Zoom, to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment:


  • Do not use surnames in your screen name on zoom

  • At the start of the call, you have to turn your camera on

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Only log on at the time for your sessions

  • If you have any concerns call Becca on 07920485869

  • Do not take any pictures, videos or screenshots of the zoom


Jess Mindel

Josh Powell