Shalom! I'm Jess and I'm one of the LJY-Netzer Movement Workers for 5781/82. I am from North West London and have been part of The Ark Synagogue my whole life. I joined LJY-Netzer in 2014, when I went on Israel Tour and immediately fell in love with it. Since then, I have been on Kayitz, Shnat Netzer, led numerous camps and last year I led Israel Tour! This year I am really excited to bounce back to as close to a normal reality we can get, following what will hopefully be the tail end of the Pandemic. I am hopeful to provide a really wonderful residential spring camp, following on from the cancellation of it last year. My passions include Feminism, Gaming, Snowboarding and Dance.

I will be taking a lead on Israel Tour, Plaganim (School years 3-6), Shamayim and our inteaction with LJ Communities and Schools.


Heyo, I'm Joe, and I'm proudly brandishing my new LJY Movement Worker 5781/82 lanyard!
I grew up as a member of Birmingham Progressive Synagogue and am on my way to moving down to London soon. I jumped on board the Ljy-Netzer train on Israel tour in 2015 and have been a bit obsessed ever since. I went on Kayitz, Shnat Netzer, and have led and coordinated plenty of seminars and camps!
Starting this role as we ease out of lockdown is really exciting and I can't wait to get stuck into in person events again (safely!) and work with the next generation of LJY-niks.
I'm passionate about refugee rights, engineering and climbing.

This year I’m chiefly responsible for Nechyam (school years 7-10), Shnat Netzer, Regional Kehilot and Bog Tour so please feel free to direct any questions around those to me!