Hi, I’m Ellie, and I am the second time Movement Worker for LJY-Netzer. I grew up at the LJS in London and started on LJY-Netzer when I went on tour in 2011, and haven’t stopped since. I studied politics at the University of Birmingham, and am personally interested in Feminism, LGBTQIA+, education on the refugee crisis, and cooking! Leading Israel Tour in 2016 made me realise how important LJY-Netzer was to me, and pushed me to become a movement worker this year. This year I will be in charge of Shnat Netzer, Machaneh Hadrcha, Yamim (Years 9 & 10) and Galim Gimmel (Year 13), as well as our festival events, and Friday Night Dinners for Galim (Years 11-13) and Bogrim (over 18s).


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Hello, my name is Helen and I'm super excited to be a new mowo for LJY-Netzer this year. My home community is Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue and I look forward to getting to know many other communities. I hope to push forward this year with engaging our movement in social action, coming up with new projects to invigorate our young people with tikkun olam. This year I am in charge of Kayitz Netzer, Machaneh Hadracha, Nechalim (Years 7 and 8), and Galim Bet.


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Hello, my name is Ben! I'm a new movement worker, originally from Bedfordshire Progressive Synagogue. I can't wait to get to know all the wonderful communities of Liberal Judaism, and help to organise our amazing Israel Tour! I'm looking forward to visiting your communities and getting to meet all of the amazing young people throughout LJ! This year I am in charge of Israel Tour, Veidah, Plaganim (Year 3-6), and Galim Alef (Year 11).