7th-9th December 2018

Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue (NPLS)

Start: Friday 7th December, 6pm
Finish: Sunday 9th December, 3:30pm

Cost: £42

Are there things in LJY-Netzer that you would like to be different? Do you have an idea of a charity that we should support? Do you want to make real change in YOUR Youth Movement? If so then Kinus is the place to be. It’s our decision-making event for Nechalim (Years 7-8) and Yamim (Years 9-10). That means that you get to have your say about how LJY-Netzer works—and change the things that you think need changing. No need to complain any more about stuff—now you can actually make a difference.

Kinus is an LJY-Netzer event, so you’re guaranteed an amazing couple of days filled with games, exciting activities, a little bit of learning as well as time to hang out. You’ll get to see your friends again if you’ve been before or make a whole bunch of new ones if this is your first time.

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Ellie Lawson

Yamim (Years 9-10)


020 7631 9823

Helen Goldhill

Nechalim (Years 7 and 8)


020 7631 9827