29th November-1st December 2019

Walton Firs Activity Centre

Start: Friday 29th November, 6pm
Finish: Sunday 1st December, 3:30pm

Cost: £130

Kinus is our annual decision making event for young people in
years 7-10!!

Walton Firs Activity Centre brings the adventure to LJY-Netzer! Our action packed weekend will involve high ropes, buggy building, an adventure course and all the amazing fun LJY always brings to our weekends. You’ll get to see your friends again if you’ve been before, or make a whole bunch of new ones if this is your first time!!

On top of this we will be making change in YOUR Youth Movement! Kinus is our decision-making event for Nechalim (Years 7-8) and Yamim (Years 9-10). That means that you get to have your say about how LJY-Netzer works — and change the things that you think need changing.

No need to complain any more... now you can actually make a difference!


Rosa Slater

Yamim (Years 9 and 10)


020 7631 9827

Francesca Kurlansky

Nechalim (Years 7 and 8)


020 7631 9825