Summer 2021

Years 11 & 12

Israel Tour is an incredible chance to experience Israel, exploring the land
from top to bottom. Whether or not you’ve been to Israel before, Tour is the perfect opportunity to discover this fascinating country and develop your understanding of Israel and Progressive Judaism.

Whether this is your first or fifteenth event, you will be welcomed with open
arms. This trip will give you the chance to explore the desert in the South, kayak down the Jordan River in the North, experience modern Israeli culture in Tel Aviv and discover a special spirituality in Jerusalem. LJY-Netzer Tour truly does offer something for everyone. Not only will you discover more about yourself and bond as a group, you will have the opportunity to develop your leadership skills and meet loads of new people. Generations of sixteen year olds across the UK have gone on Israel Tour and said it was the most amazing summer of their don’t miss out!

This year we are planning to run two Israel Tours in Summer, one for Year 11s and one for Year 12s. We are close to finalising provisional dates for our Tours, and we’ll announce them once we have.

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