In LJY-Netzer, we split participants up based on age & school year. On our bigger event we have multiple age groups on the same site but with most activities done separately. This enables us to help tailer make the programs we deliver and help bond the different ages.

We really value the community that we build with and the family that we become on events. Inclusion, bonding and personal growth are near the top of our priority list!

These are our different age groups:


Ananim (clouds) – School year 3-4

Ananim was specifically introduced to cater for the needs of our youngest participants on our larger events. It is a super-welcoming, ultra-caring and, most importantly, a mega-fun way to spend your early events with LJY-Netzer. A high staff-to-participant ratio will ensure there’s always a friendly face to turn to or another game to play.

               Contact: Ben,                     020 7631 9825




Plagim (streams) – School years 5-6

Plagim is filled is laughter, fun and lots of energy. As any 10 year old will tell you, they are the most important things in life, so we make sure that there is plenty as well as our creative services and educational sessions. , whether it’s your first or fifth event Plagim is always jam-packed with activities, song sessions, chances to make new friends and much, much more!

Contact: Ben, b.combe 020 7631 9825


Nechalim (rivers) – School years 7-8

Many of our members at this age are about to embark on their Bar or Bat Mitzvah and to mirror these we treat the participants in a grown-up way with  sessions specially tailored to be interesting as well as fun. . Nechalim is also a chance to start to make some important decisions by attending our decision-making body Kinus.

Contact: Helen  020 7631 9827


Yamim (seas) – School years 9-10

Yamim are the oldest participants on our camps. It’s a chance to not only carry on having all the fun you did when you were younger but also have great discussions about things that matter to you as young people. Kinus is a chance for Yamim to influence the movement. We recognise your age by having separate age groups on Machaneh Kadimah for the years 9 and 10. The year 9s are the oldest participants on the Kadimah site as well as going on a two day hike!


The year 10s are under canvas on a nearby field having a fantastic experience being separate from the main Kadimahsite but still part of the LJY-Netzer family. Chalutzim also start their leadership careers on Machaneh Kadimah by hosting all the different age-groups from the main site at special events throughout camp. All the time we make sure that you bond as a group especially as you’ll be spending a lot of time together in the future!

Contact: Ellie, 020 7631 9825


Galim Aleph (Year 11)

Galim Aleph – school year 11. In Galim Aleph you attend Israel Tour, the legendary month long trip that has shaped so many LJY-Netzer members! It’s also your first chance to go on our Machaneh Hadracha (leadership training), giving you  a sneak peak behind the curtain! You can also attend Veidah our exciting decision-making event.

Contact: Ben 020 7631 9825 


Galim Bet (Year 12)

Your chance to attend  the second Hadracha Seminar with more advanced leadership training in stream 2. You also can lead on your first events, mainly weekends and the awesome Machaneh Aviv. You also have the chance to go on Kayitz-Netzer, the unique Europe tour which is the perfect way to spend your summer.

Contact: Helen, 020 7631 9827


Galim Gimmel (Year 13)

While realise that year 13 can be a busy year school wise we offer a number of opportunities which culminate in leading the legendary Machaneh Kadimah! Then hopefully you will have chosen to come on our gap year programme, Shnat Netzer, to have the ultimate LJY-Netzer experience!

Contact: Ellie, 020 7631 9823