Today, 9.11.2016, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th  president of the USA. Trump describes himself as pro Israeli, he intends to embrace Israel in many different fields such as economics, security and politics. Right- wing Israeli politicians support Trump because of his similar beliefs and thoughts about Israel. It seems likely that Trump will help the current government and the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Over his campaign, Trump talked about how he will support Israel as President of the United States. He said he would:

●     Cancel the agreement Obama made with Iran

●     Increase the security assistance America gives to Israel

●     Recognize construction in the settlements

●     Bring a deal between Israel and Palestinians

●     Relocate the American embassy in Jerusalem and increase the help to Israel in security

Trump has a strong connection with Judaism, the strongest one is to his daughter’s Jewish fiancé. Even though he is connected to many Jewish business people, Trump is known by his impulses and his unpredictable behaviour and many people are terrified about what he is capable of. Although Trump claims to help and support Israel, the results might be the opposite.

We should always look on the bright side, to remember that Trump supports Israel and who knows, maybe he will bring to an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians like he said he would.


Hila Levisohn

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