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On the fifteenth of January, representatives from thirteen sniffim of Netzer Olami, the worldwide reform youth movement, met in Jerusalem for the annual Veidah. The six days were spent hearing from various speakers on the subject of Zionism, including a trip to kibbutzim on the border with Gaza, and more importantly, holding asephot to discuss proposals that would affect the future of the movement. The first, proposed by RSY, implemented a worldwide system of shikvah names in order to connect chanichim from different sniffim and create a sense of unity within the movement. The names had already been in use since 2004 to refer to Shnat Netzer participants, and followed a theme of nature, with each name corresponding to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This meant that there were only names as far as Shnat Te’ena in 2025, so the youngest chanichim were yet to receive a name for their shikvot. As it is a shmitah year, it was suggested that the next cycle of names follow a theme of biblical plants, however while voting for names, two animals also made it onto the list.

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Ideological Asephot!


The next motion, proposed by RSY, caused a significant split between the sniffim. If passed, it would make all events run by Netzer Olami vegetarian, so as not to contribute to the environmental damage caused by the meat industry, as a way of practically enacting the movement’s pillar of Tikkun Olam. Most of the concerns raised regarded the Shnat Netzer program, which people feared would suffer due to potential participants being put off by the idea of a year without meat. Eventually, it was decided that all Netzer Olami events other than Shnat would be vegetarian, and compulsory education would be run on all events.

RSY and Australia then jointly proposed a motion that Netzer should create a framework to facilitate the process of Aliyah Nimshechet for bogrim of the movement, which was passed unanimously. A va’ad was formed with members from LJY, RSY and Australia to work with the Netzer staff in order to create the framework. Following a motion from South Africa passed last year requiring Netzer to revaluate its ideology, several proposals were put forward for a new Netzer platform. Following a lengthy discussion it was decided that Australia’s proposal best reflected the current views held by bogrim and, after a few changes, was sent back to the sniffim for discussion.

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LJY-Netzer’s Happy Contingent!


Netzer Veidah

Meeting Netzer Olim! Spot the LJYniks!

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LJY-Netzerniks giving their snif presentation!

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