The Biennial Bonanza

The first ever Biennial Bonanza happened on the 9th-11th of May this year, and it was amazing! The mixture of services and special guests with crazy golf and swimming made the weekend enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking for all ages.

Although we were smaller in numbers we were the loudest by far – singing and chanting was enjoyed at all times including a special LJY-Netzer edition of Not By Might performed for Jonah Pesner, which he has taken back to America!

Jonah Pesner ( was one of the special guests. He talked to us about the differences in American (NFTY) and UK Netzer and his role in Reform Judaism in the States.

Another special guest was Rabbi Leah Jordan. In her session we visited Israel (not the real Israel, but we wish! – ed) where we learnt simple, day to day modern Hebrew, and some even floated on the dead sea.

Charlotte Fisher (, another special guest, came to talk to us about social justice issues and we discussed when is it okay to be angry? We had a debate using many real life examples, such as; ‘What if you couldn’t sleep because you were sharing your bed with too many other people?’ or, ‘What would you do if the whole of your estates rubbish wasn’t being picked up?’.

Even with the Shabbat service we took our pick with a story family service led by everyone including some arty fun whilst leaving the grown-ups for the boring bits. LJY Netzer was at the centre of attention many times over the weekend as we lead Kiddush and Havdallah, and finished off the weekend with a video and what we know best – singing and making lots of noise!

By Leonie Reintjes


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