The Jewish Leadership Council has been consulting its community representatives on an initiative led by Israel’s Justice Minister to look at the character of Israel as a Jewish and Democratic state.

Lucian J. Hudson, Chairman of Liberal Judaism, represented the movement last Sunday, with Gillian Merron, a member of the LJ Board of National Officers and JLC Vice-President also in attendance. Lucian commissioned a paper that has been submitted and is attached. It captures what Lucian, Danny and Charley consider to be the movement’s position. It also took into account of comments from other BoNO members.

We cannot be sure exactly what impact this consultation will have, but Israel’s consultation with its Diaspora is to be welcomed.


This article makes great reading for those looking to learn more about Liberal Judaism’s view on zionism, and our position within it. Look out for our mention!


FINAL JLC Communitywide Consultation

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