What’s happening LJY-Netzer?

It’s your faithful CoYoCo here hitting you up with a little article about the power of community work. I see a lot of you beautiful people around the communities when I visit and run activities, but havn’t had the opportunity to talk to you en masse for a while. I’m not going to be saying much new in this article but there will be a diagram…so strap yourself in and ENJOY!!!

SO –  If there are youth clubs in your synagogue you should be involved in running these and connecting these Youth Clubs to LJY-Netzer. If there isn’t good youth provision in your community…well ‘lo alecha hamlecha ligmor’ basically be the change and that – get involved and be dynamic! Lily Montagu set up Liberal Judaism when she was 24, Malala stood up to the Taliban when she was 15… Age is no barrier.

Want to know how to approach your community about getting involved? Ask me? I am here to support, guide and help you implement this.  It is literally my job. Don’t wait, every time I click my fingers another young Liberal Jew does not come to Youth Club…and I cannot stop clicking my fingers.

These youth clubs NEED to be run by Bogrim and Galim (that’s you guys). With the amazing initiative of giving 10 hours back to your community (TIKKUN KEHILLAH) now part of your hadracha commitments there is no excuse not to get involved. It’s a win-win-win. I promised a diagram so here it goes:

Exhibit A:


As we can see from Exhibit A. Everything is linked…Strong Youth Clubs enhance LJY-Netzer. LJY-Netzer enhances Liberal Judaism and a strong Liberal Judaism means bigger Youth Clubs. Improved community work means more young people experiencing LJY-Netzer, and this is only a good thing, as this mean more engaged young Liberal Jews.

To quote Rafiki from the Lion King –  ‘It’s the circle of community work and it moves through us all’

You are LJY-Netzer’s greatest resource and with your commitment and energy – we can transform the way we engage our members over the course of the year. Wear you merchandise, talk to your friends and family and spread the word – together we can put LJY-Netzer front and centre in our communities minds. Youth Clubs make a difference – Since the inception of this role – we have had our biggest Aviv ever and Kadimah numbers on the rise – let’s not rest until we have 200 on Kadimah and 2 Israel Tours. Imagine all that engagement, imagine all that ideology, imagine all that liberalness – that wouldn’t just change Liberal Judaism, that could change British Jewry.

I’ve said it before but “Be a Chalutz (pioneer) and MOVE something. You can’t claim to be the pioneers of Netzer and shy away from a responsibility – it’s on all of us.”



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