By Rebekah Quixano Henriques

The 1st November 2013 marked the start of LJY Netzer’s new Hadracha (leadership) Course for LJY-Netzer chaverim (members) aged 15-18.

The course commenced with a Hadracha Seminar. Similar weekends have run before but this year, antics involved leading sessions for our more-than-troublesome peers, discussing welfare policies and developing teamwork skills through numerous games.

The other sections of the course involve attending new Yemei Hadracha (leadership days) on individual topics,  (Respect and Control, Welfare, Informal Education and Songleading and Pray)and Tikkun Kehillah (helping in a local liberal community) for  10 hours. This revised process enables youths to proficiently lead on LJY Netzer events such as the renowned Kadimah.

I enrolled on LJY Netzer’s Hadracha Course to develop my confidence and leadership skills in a secure environment. It has also allowed me to continue my amazing LJY Netzer journey. Another LJY Netzer member noted, “It was great learning alongside my friends, I would highly recommend it to any teenager. It was a fantastic experience!”

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