Kadimah 5772 was a two week long adventure of fun and games, prayer and learning and singing.

Kadimah has finished and now all that is left is the happy memories of to fantastic weeks. We had the usual last night show song, the crazy wide games, the water fights, the discos, the trips off site and (surprise surprise)  the Madrachim won the football tournament for the 8th year running.

Here is what Sophie and Emily Powell, two participant in Nechalim, had to say:

Kadimah, where should we start? It’s one of the many annual events run by LJY. It is two weeks long and jam-packed full of fun, unforgettable experiences, friendship and CRAMMED with ruach! Signing up for Kadimah, we already knew that this year would be even MORE exciting than last year as we were moving to a brand new site in Wiltshire called Sandroyd School!

Our amazing Kadimah experience started at the very beginning on the coach, we were surrounded by our friends and the ruach was running high-we could tell that this year would be full of energy and a lot of excitement! Arriving at Sandroyd, we were even more excited than before. We had an introduction to the site and then went up to our dorms and began unpacking. Shortly after arriving, the fun instantly began! We started playing games to build up our new friendships and to help everyone get to know each other.

As we have been on many LJY-Netzer events in the past, we knew a lot of people that would be going. Despite this we still managed to make lots of new friends particularly with people who had never been on LJY-Netzer before.

From 8 o’clock in the morning up until late at night, the days were packed with amazing camp experiences. A typical camp day would usually consist of Ruach in the morning to wake everyone up. This would then be followed by activities and games. We were given lots of opportunities to explore our Jewish identity through some educational sessions. We were also encouraged to discuss the camp theme which this year was G-d and spirituality. We found these sessions’ very informative and gave us all a chance to express our views.

However we have to say our favourite day overall was definitely when we had “the big surprise”. Every year Kadimah has a surprise. This year it involved HUGE bouncy castles, a ball pit, popcorn and candyfloss in the large field. This was an amazing experience and we all had so much fun! Even some of the leaders were caught having a bounce on the castles!

Another one of our favourite activities was the wide game. This is where Kadimah is split into four different groups (appropriately named according to the year’s theme) of all ages. In our groups we created chants, posters and competed to win the wide game. To win the wide game you have to win team points and to win team points you have to put in a lot of team work and effort into every activity. The wide game activities can range from extreme water fights to team capture the flags. No matter what though, it is always immense fun!

Shabbat is a very memorable time on camp and we enjoyed celebrating it with our new friends. On Friday evening we had a special dinner together as a whole camp and sang lots of songs. On Saturday the relaxed atmosphere continued and even an extra hour to sleep in! To end Shabbat we had a beautiful Havdallah service which was very special.

To sum up our fantastic time on camp click on this link:

Kadimah Video

We always love going on LJY-Netzer events (including spring camp, Kadimah and even the weekends!) always enjoying them thoroughly! After each one, we always automatically want to do the next event and meet up with all our LJY-Netzer friends again! We would definitely recommend anyone that wants to have a fantastic time to come on LJY-Netzer because they definitely won’t regret it!

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